Wedding Traditions Debunked: Part II

You asked and we brought it back – why do we stick to wedding traditions that have been around since the beginning of time?! Time to shed some light!

Bride’s White Dress
Even if we aren’t certain about any other of our wedding plans, we know that we will strut down the aisle wearing a stunning, white dress. Why is this? Back in 1840, when Queen Victoria of England was marrying Prince Albert, she chose to wear a white and lace gown. This sparked a style trend and we’ve been being married in white ever since! Today, wearing colours such as red, off-white, peach or pink are becoming more widely accepted in the wedding world! Ultimately, you just want to feel happy in your dress, whatever colour!

Wedding Ring Placement
For many, the large tell-tale sign of a marriage or engagement is the ring on their left hand and third finger. It’s even adopted the name ‘ring finger.’ This tradition derives from a myth from the Romans believed, stating that there is a vein that leads from this finger straight to your heart, demonstrating that you heart belongs to someone.

The Phrase “Tying The Knot”
In ancient folklore and many tales, knot tying was a symbol of an unbreakable bond. During a traditional Celtic handfasting ceremony, the couple’s hands are literally tied together while they recited their vows to represent their eternal and everlasting bond to one another.

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Happy Planning!


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