Petite Weddings: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are some of our most frequently asked questions about our Petite Weddings:

What is a Petite Wedding? What is involved?

Petite Weddings, also known as “Micro Weddings”, are fully stylized weddings on a smaller scale that includes only a handful of invited guests typically 4 up to 20* people. From a logistical side, they are much simpler and less stressful to plan, allowing you to focus on each other and celebrate your love with the people who mean the most. The monetary investment is typically significantly less than the average wedding without forfeiting any of the style or experience.

The overall vibe of Petite Weddings is to create a beautiful and styled experience for couples and their guests. I want to take all the energy and detail that goes into a larger-scale wedding to create a high-end and elegant wedding for a more intimate group. Imagine what a fraction of a typical wedding’s budget can do on a smaller scale – oh my goodness, there is so much potential!

Who is a Petite Wedding for?

A Petite Wedding can be for anyone! It can be for someone who is just so excited to be getting married and is tired of waiting after a long engagement; it could be someone who is visiting Ottawa from out of town or abroad and has realized that the National Capital Region is a fantastic place to have as a backdrop for their wedding; it could be a couple’s second wedding now wanting to focus on a smaller gathering, or it could be someone who has been affected by the current global pandemic whose plans may have been forced to change. I want to create an environment, a situation, and a backdrop that is magazine-worthy with our Petite Wedding couples being the star.

How much does it cost to have KEP plan our Petite Wedding?

Working with a planner is an investment in the success of your wedding day. Our Petite Wedding commissions range, on average, from $4,000 to $6,000+ based on your personal planning needs. Please note, our commission range is for Petite Weddings taking place Sunday thru Friday; time of year, location, number of guests, and day of the week may impact our pricing.

How much does it cost to host a Petite Wedding?

Every Couple and every Petite Wedding is unique and therefore, so is each budget. It depends on which style of small wedding you choose to host. For example, a Private Elopement (4 to 8 guests) is less involved than a Petite Wedding (up to 20* guests). *For guest counts over 20 people, an additional fee may apply. After considering all variables (guest count, location, catering, florals, and custom design) I suggest our couples’ budget $8,000-12,000+ for their Private Elopement and $15,000-25,000+ for their Petite Wedding, to ensure they and their guests get to have ultimate romantic experience!

What makes a Petite Wedding so appealing?

One of the benefits of hosting a Petite Wedding is that we get access to some really amazing and unique locations across the Ottawa area that a traditional big wedding can’t access. When you have a group of 120 to 250+ people you are limited to where you can go and host your day. Now imagine a group of 4, 8, 12, or up to 20* people and all the amazing places you can go to. Do you want to get married in front of your favourite piece of art in the National Art Gallery of Canada? Or the lookout at Nepean Point overlooking the Ottawa River? Or a luxury cottage or the family property where you grew up? There are so few limits to what a Petite Wedding can do or be, really the only limitations are our imagination.

When can a Petite Wedding take place?

Ideally, a Petite Wedding, a wedding of up to 20* people, would fall within 3 to 6 months from the time you decide to get married. This allows us time to connect with our top vendors and planning partners that have agreed to work with us exclusively on this opportunity. It also gives Brides the chance to shop for their perfect dress, inform their guests of their plans and arrange for any travel.

On the other hand, if a Bride is keen to get married as soon as possible or hosting something abroad but still need to be legally married here in Ontario, all we need is a 2-3 week window to put together something really magical for our clients. We are producing and designing and coordinating gorgeous weddings on a smaller scale so it takes a little time to get the details right, but not nearly the same amount of time as a typical wedding. Just because a wedding is smaller doesn’t mean that it cannot be fabulous – small is the new big!

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