The First Dance

A wedding is a series of moments seamlessly strung together to create a beautiful celebration of two individuals love for each other: the preparation, the ceremony, the introduction, the meal, speeches and toasts. Without a doubt, the moment that always brings a tear to my eye is the first dance.

Guests witness the bridal couple sharing a very intimate moment, a short period of time that they are able to hold one another and take a moment to realize “this is it …we’re married. The first dance is one of those wedding moments that really stands out; the Bride and Groom are finally relaxed now that the ceremony is over and they have had their speeches and toasts. The first dance is the beginning of the celebration.

A lot of pressure is placed on a Bride and Groom, leaving many to ask: how do we pick the right ‘first’ song to dance to? The simple answer is there is no right or wrong in this case, pick a song that speaks to you both and that represents the love you share. Check out the top wedding songs in Canada list on for some great suggestions. Some of the highlights include: Etta Jame’s “At Last”, Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”, and Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.

If inspiration still cannot be found on the list or sweet and sentimental is not your style – there is always the element of surprise that can be incorporated into the first dance.

Once published, this wedding couple’s first dance became an overnight internet sensation  – inspiring the TLC TV show “Rock the Reception”. Your first dance and song, if chosen wisely, will move not only you and your new spouse but your guests as well and will truly inspire everyone to enjoy the rest of the  night’s celebration, with an added touch of love and fun in the air!

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