The Checklist Before The Checklist

It is difficult to conceptualize just how much work goes into the fine details of a wedding that turn a bare-bones room into a stunning wedding hall. Besides an itinerary and formal services, there are invitations, venues, menus, style of dinner, wedding cake, decorations, catering, logistics and on-the-fly crisis management that wedding planners have to deal with! It is no easy feat, but we promise that with our help, it’s simple to have the kind of wedding that you’ve been dreaming about since you were 5 years old.

At the very start of the wedding planning process, it all seems very overwhelming. We totally get it! Before you begin the official checklist, here are a few things to decide on. Think of it as ‘the checklist before the checklist!’

When do you want to have your wedding?

If you’re able to narrow down a time of the year, or even the month more specifically, this will jump start your planning! Wedding décor, dresses, accessories, logistics and more all change depending on the season!

How much money have you saved/who is paying for your wedding?

Money talk is no fun and can be very stressful. But the only way to legitimately start the planning process is to know how much money you have to spend on constructing your dream day. Are you and your fiancé paying for everything yourselves? Are your parents or grandparents contributing?

Where do you want to be married?

Once you get an idea of what type of venue that you want, everything else can slowly fall into place. Maybe you’d like a church ceremony and a reception at a restaurant; or the ceremony and reception both held in the same museum; or the ceremony outside and the reception in a banquet hall. The possibilities are endless, just be sure to decide this detail first so that you can plan around a physical space.

Make an actual checklist and a vision board!

Try not to let it overwhelm you, but you’ll have to hammer out the fine details eventually! Create a ckecklist of things that you KNOW for sure that you want or that you’ve been dreaming of having forever! For example, an archway for your ceremony or that DJ you loved at your cousin’s wedding. If you don’t know where to start, create a board on Pinterest to get all your ideas in one place. This will help later on when making decisions – we swear!

Reflect on your relationship!

A wedding is a giant party to celebrate you and your love! This day should be an authentic representation of who you are as a couple. You will shine on your day even more knowing that you’re showing off your love in a way that aligns with who you two are!

Consult your partner!

You and your honey are a TEAM. You’re about to conquer life together, so make sure that you consult them with, at least, some of the planning details! It’ll be easier to bounce ideas off each other and make decisions when you have someone else’s treasured opinion to take into consideration!


It is easy to appreciate a wedding, especially as a guest, because the finished and final product is SO BEAUTIFUL. The sum of everyone’s effort and hours planning, organizing, ordering and executing finally comes together! Not only is this our favourite part, but also it is so incredibly humbling to realize how far you’ve come in your planning journey. Whether you start wedding planning one year out or six months out, always know that where you start is so vastly different than where you end… and that is the beauty of wedding planning!


Happy Planning!




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