Rainy Day Weddings

Since 1995, Alanis Morissette has told us that rain on your wedding day is ironic. Why? Perhaps it’s supposed to be a bright and sunny day to reflect a bright and sunny marriage. Perhaps it’s all a superstition due to the ominous presence of rain. Ultimately, no matter the weather, you and your significant other are still going to be happily bound by marriage, and that can’t be taken away!

2017 so far has been full of rain, and we’ve broken many records this year due to the sheer amount and consistency of the rain that we are getting here in Ottawa – boo! With this being taken into consideration, and the many wives tales about the meaning of rain during your wedding, there’s no doubt that many brides are worried about this phenomenon. But just because it rains on your wedding day, doesn’t mean that your marriage won’t be full of blue skies. Here are some reasons why:


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You get to cuddle closer!

When it rains, it’s slightly chilly. This means warming up next to your significant other. Not only do you get to share this intimate day with each other, but also it makes it that much more special when you get to be wrapped up tight in each other’s arms all day!

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Your photos will turn out amazing!

Not only does overcast weather make for perfect lighting in photos, but you also have so many fun photo opportunities. Kissing in the rain, standing under an umbrella, cuddling to keep warm, to name a few! The photo possibilities are adorable and endless!

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 It’s really a good thing!

Superstition isn’t always negative tales. Many believe that rain on your wedding day symbolizes freshness and cleansing. A new phase of your life is about to begin, and washing away any past doubts or experiences with rain can be a very therapeutic experience.


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A True Testament To A Rainy Day Wedding

Emeli & Matt were married on September 21st 2013, and on that chilly Saturday morning, the rain just wouldn’t stop. We talked to Emeli about how she felt looking back on her rainy day wedding, and instead of being upset at Mother Nature, she revealed to us how much she LOVED it.

“I think all the little trials the rain brought, from trying to keep our hair dry to picking up my dress while running, and hopping over puddles are now memories we smile over. Matt and I held each other closer in the cold, we kissed in the rain, I remember hearing the rain patter on the roof of a barn we were slow dancing in while getting our after photos done. It really did add more romance to our day.” – Emeli Wallace


It may test your patience, but rain on your wedding day is not the end of the world. It’s a natural event that is completely out of your control – remember that! The way you react and handle the rain will help to set the tone for the rest of the wedding and your guests, as well. Any bride truly hopes to be the exception of rain on your picture perfect, sunny wedding day, but we promise that everything will work out. If the forecast is predicting showers on your special day, try not to worry – you have to experience a little rain to have a rainbow!


For additional tips, check out our Bride’s Guide To A Rainy Wedding Day to help you prepare!

Happy Planning!



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