How To: Keep Calm When Things Go Awry

Your wedding day (aka the day you’ve been dreaming of since you were twelve years old) is coming up – hooray! Just like anything in life, things don’t always go exactly as planned, and unfortunately, we can tell you from first hand experience, that your wedding day is no exception. However, your day should be all about the love that you and your significant other have for each other… not about stressing to try to keep everything picture perfect or the painful anticipation of a problem. Here’s some advice that we have come to gather over the years and a little insight into how we problem solve!

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Make sure to hire a planner to minimize the risk of errors!
Binder in hand and wit at the ready, we are professionals and are here for many reasons. This is a HUGE one! It is our job to solve your problems and make sure that you are happy. Hiring a wedding planner ensures that the little tasks and responsibilities will automatically be taken care of without a second thought! We take the guess-work out of your day and turn your dreams into concrete plans.

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Try to keep cool and composed… No one knows the problem except you!
If your maid of honour is no where to be found 5 minutes before her speech or your adorable blue heels are killing your feet or your husband hasn’t found time to sit down and eat, please try to keep calm! Someone is working quickly to solve the problem and until that happens, it is the most beneficial thing to all parties involved for you to keep your cool. Most often, your guests will not recognize these little things as problems, so overall, it won’t even seem like a bump in the road at all!

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Communicate your needs!
Remember when we told you that someone is working quickly to solve your problem? This can only be done if you tell someone what you need! It’s your day so be clear and specific about what exactly needs to be done.

Courtesy of Union Eleven Photography.

Be hard on the problem, but soft on the people!
Weddings are a sweet, emotional, loving, sensitive and fun experience that doesn’t deserve to be tarnished by ANYONE! When you encounter a problem, seek to solve it, but also remember that those around you, who are trying to help, love you. Work with them to solve the problem, not against them!

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