Extreme Proposals

Gone are the days of a simple “will you marry me”, in an age of modern love and online videos, gentleman are popping the question in more extreme ways. We have all seen the YouTube clips of what we like to call extreme proposals. These over the top proposals usually include a highly choreographed dance number, a scripted movie trailer, some fancy editing, and a little velvet box.

In the modern times of flash mobs and paparazzi, more and more men are finding elaborate, sometimes, extreme ways to propose marriage. For many, the marriage proposal has become part of the wedding build-up; these gentleman are creating public spectacles to declare their love and devotion to their betrothed. As of late, wedding proposals are equal parts of clever stunt and romantic gesture and to ensure they get it just right, these would be grooms are now seeking the professional services of personal concierges and engagement specialists. These talented professionals are used to coordinating proposal concepts that take months of planning, teams of assistants, and split-second timing.

Local businesses are taking advantage of this extreme proposal trend by offering assistance to create an unique proposal that will ensure that special someone feels like the most important person in the world. Local Ottawa business, iPropose, promises to “make it really easy on you” by working with would-be grooms to form their proposal concept, aid in planning, offer coordination and film the entire thing. Weddings inStyle, an Ottawa based wedding concierge service, has been offering similar services since 2010.

Fortunately, it is not the over-the-top proposal that ensures a positive response. Chances are, the future grooms are nearly 100% sure of what their girlfriends’ answers will be long before they go shopping for a ring. Although these men have been suffering from sleepless nights while scheming and planning these amazing scenarios, they are, in fact, doing exactly what women want: proving that they are willing to do extraordinary things for their relationship.

Here are a few of our favourite extreme proposals:

But not all of them go as planned …

For some extreme proposal ideas that you can pull of yourself, check out the Knot’s “50 Romantic Ways to Propose“ or contact your local engagement specialist!


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    Michael Wood
    December 27, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Great stuff! I actually come from the music business and I am invited to the Grammy’s every year in Los Angeles. Last year, my girlfriend (my financee to be) came with me for the first time. I popped the question that week on the beach in Santa Monica. Us to little Canadians will never forget that week of our lives 🙂

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