How To Make Good Decisions For YOU!

It’s no surprise that weddings can sometimes be a source of stress. We’ve all seen the rom-coms where bridezilla’s take over or when over-opinionated moms and sisters take over a dress fitting because they ‘know what is best.’ Trying to please everyone is impossible and your #1 priority should be you! So, to minimise the feeling of trying to make everyone happy, here are some helpful pointers to stand your ground and stay true to you!

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Know What You Want 

Having at least somewhat of an idea of what you want will make decision-making much simpler. If you don’t know what you want, spend some time alone or with your fiancé and really hone in on the specificities that you want to see. This gives you some firm ground to stand on, because if you have no idea what you want, it’s easier to be tugged in all sorts of directions.

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Be Patient

Trust us – this is the hard part. Just try to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, YOU are the one getting married. Those people that you surround yourself with are genuinely just trying to help you because they care about you – they may just not be going about it in the best way.

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Hear Other Perspectives

Again – another tough one! You’re pretty amazing, but you’re not Wonder Woman. We are human and forget things, and this is why having others’ perspectives and opinions are important. Everyone has their own experiences that can lend you some valuable advice or tips! Even if you end up making a decision based on your own ideas and expectations, it’s still nice to gain perspective.

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Trust Yourself

You’ve GOT THIS. It’s YOUR day! Make of it what you want! Don’t hesitate to make decisions because you feel the need to seek approval. You’re perfectly capable of making good decisions on your own because only YOU know what is best for you!

In times of stress or pressure, try to ground yourself and listen to your own mind and heart. Your wedding day is a day for your visions to come to life. Happy Planning! XO, KEP

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