Pre-Wedding Jitters: Dealing With Cold Feet

Pre-wedding jitters, despite their ominous presence are actually very common! It’s not everyday that you make such a big, legal and life-altering decision. It may seem like the actual end of the world, but we promise that the world will keep on turning.

It’s completely normal to have a nervous reaction as the sum of all your wedding planning efforts are coming to a slow halt. It’s all about putting it into perspective! You’ve been planning your wedding for months, and maybe even years, and that is super stressful! All your hard planning work has come to an end and is about to be executed – stressful! All those happy and overwhelming emotions you are feeling – stressful! The fact that you have 150 of your immediate and extended family, closest friends and colleagues about to watch you commit to a legally binding contract with your significant other – stressful!

But you know what isn’t stressful? Looking down the aisle and seeing your partner smiling back at you as you get closer and closer. You are the only two that matter. Here are some pointers for overcoming those scary wedding day jitters aka cold feet!

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Acknowledge ALL Of Your Emotions

No matter who you are, weddings are emotional! Maybe you don’t always cry at other people’s weddings, but there’s going to be a hefty range of emotions running through your mind on your special day. Listen to them. Try and make sense of them. If you acknowledge your emotions, you’re able to understand them and then process them. Let your emotions happen! Maybe you didn’t need to cry because you saw your flower girl all dressed up and you thought that she was the cutest thing in the world, maybe you just needed to let out some stress-relieving tears – totally normal.

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Talk About It

Whether you feel the need to talk about it with your bridesmaids, your mother or your partner, talking about your emotions helps you to understand them. If your feet are feeling cold, chances are that your partner is sensing it and feeling nervous too. If you talk about it and find out that your minds are both overwhelmed with the huge day that is about to unfold, you can make sure that your hearts are on the same page too.

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Seek Advice

Talk to your grandmother about how your grandfather almost ran down the aisle past her when the ceremony started. Or talk to your mother about how she thought her heart was going to beat out of her chest as she made her way towards the alter. Again, this is normal! Seeking validation of your feelings, and then putting into perspective that these relationships survived, even with cold feet, will help ease your mind.

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Write It Down

Often, writing helps to put things into perspective. If you are getting nervous on your wedding day, try to relax and write down all the things you love about your partner and why you are marrying them. Sometimes, it just takes a little push during an anxious moment to remind you why you are doing this.

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Trust Yourself

Someone, somewhere once said, if it doesn’t scare you, then it isn’t worth doing. This is so true!! Big decisions are not easy to make and cold feet are extremely normal and highly expected. Trust yourself that you are making the right decision for you and walk down the aisle confidently.


Despite the ifs, ands, or buts that you create in your mind, focus on the love that you and your partner share and recognize that this day is ALL ABOUT YOU TWO. A little anxiety surrounding your big day is normal. Just remember to breathe, talk about it and let yourself feel the emotions. Once you take the plunge, the rest will be smooth sailing!


Happy Planning!


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