Daytime Wedding Debunked: Your FAQs Answered!

Is it just us or are daytime weddings becoming more and more appealing? It doesn’t get much better than celebrating love outdoors; partying, drinking and dancing with everyone who is important to you.

Many couples may love this idea but don’t know where to start planning. Today at KEP we’re going to break down some of the basic questions you may have about how to host a daytime wedding and how to smash it.

What should we serve?

Everyone’s gotta eat right?! A traditional luncheon is a good place to start. It offers the same feel of what an evening wedding would bring but during the day. If you’re not feeling the lunch vibes, brunch is another great option that many seem to be loving these days. Get creative and offer a waffle bar with all the toppings you can imagine, or even an omelette station. Sit and think of all your favorite brunch foods and try to devise a creative menu from that. Champagne cocktails, caesars, lighter wines, and a few liquors should also be offered to your guests.


What should we wear? And how about our guests?

With daytime weddings we tend to see dresses and suits that are on the lighter end. Men usually opt for a lighter suit outside of the traditional black suit. For the bride, a wedding gown is still the go to but a more relaxed fit is sometimes seen. However, what you chose to wear is is completely up to you and your boo. Just because your wedding is taking place during the day doesn’t mean you can’t go a more formal route. Your guests attire will depend on the formality of your wedding. For the women, sundresses and daytime cocktail attire are great go to’s and as for the men, a light suit that they will be comfortable in are all appropriate options.

Can we still have dancing?

Heck yeah you can! If you are dancing your guests will dance as well. It’s up to you what kind of music you’d like to have. Maybe you know a DJ who can keep the party lively but still daytime appropriate.  Another great option is an acoustic guitarist and singer. They can keep everyone entertained while eating and bring the tempo up afterwards for dancing.

Do we have to provide evening entertainment? What should we do after the wedding?

Once your wedding is over you have no obligation to entertain your guests for the rest of the evening. For guests who are coming from out of town, maybe you’d want to provide them with a list of local things to do or sights to see. The rest of the day and night is yours for the taking! The best part about a daytime wedding is that you’re free to spend some quality time together later in the evening. You can book appointments at your hotel spa, invite family and friends out later on in the evening or even depart for your honeymoon! The options are basically endless and can cater to whatever you choose.

A daytime wedding can be as traditional or as modern as the couple you are. There are no rules to follow and you can incorporate all that is important to you. We’re not sure about you but to us, celebrating you and your boo all day with your loved ones and then having the one on one with your new hubby at night gives you the best of both worlds.

Until next time.

KEP xox


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